Village of Windsor Token Creek Conservancy Committee

Informational Sign Holder - 2019

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Town of Windsor Token Creek Conservancy Committee - 2014

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Town of Windsor Token Creek Conservancy Committee - 2010

On behalf of the Token Creek Conservancy Committee, I would like to sincerely thank you for your contribution to help purchase boundary signs for the Conservancy. The signs were purchased and installed last summer and early spring of 2010. The project required additional surveying work to be performed so that we were able to accurately place all our boundary markers.

This was an important first step in preparing for our Master Plan. This year, our focus has been on implementing a Master Plan for the area. With this new plan, the Token Creek Conservancy Committee hopes to prioritize improvements at teh Conservancy. As you can imagine, developing a Master Plan is a very intensive process. However, we hope to have something adopted by spring of 2011. We will be sure to inform you of the status fo this milestone.

The boundary signs have been well received by the public. I have not heard any complaints about trespassing, dumping, hunting or other disturbances at the Conservancy since the signs have been installed.

As we look ahead at the remainder of 2010 and into 2011, we will strive to complete our Master Plan and work on improved access for maintenance equipment at the Conservancy, trail development, and tree planting. We hope to create an outdoor learning environment for local area schools. Finally, we have applied for an Urban Fishery designation and plan to re-stock the trout ponds with fish this spring.

Again, thank you very much for your generous contribution to the Conservancy.

Amy Anderson Schweppe
Town of Windsor
4084 Mueller Road
De Forest, WI 53532
Phone:(608) 846-3854
Fax:(608) 846-2328

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