Wheels for Winners

2012 Report

Project: “Community Partners Environmental Education Project”

This report demonstrates that Wheels for Winners has satisfied all conditions of the original grant application and the commitments as stated in the award letter. During the grant cycle Wheels for Winners provided environmental education through our earn-a-bike mission. Eighty-two (82) youth in the service area, primarily low income minority participants who reside on the east and south sides of Madison benefited directly from grant funds.

The demographics of this population of project participants/recipients were as follows: 60 % male; 40% female; average age: 13; 65% African American; 20 % Hmong; 10% Latino; 5% Caucasian.

Project Recruitment

The following organizations collaborated and partnered with Wheels for Winners to recruit project participants, facilitate scheduling, chaperone youth, and assist in the liaison efforts with their organizational representatives, parents, and teachers: Goodman Community Center; O’Keefe Middle School; Girls, Inc.; Bayview Community Center; Centro Hispano; Operation Fresh Start.

Project Outcomes and Impact

Forty-six (46) participants completed a program of basic bike repair training consisting of ten hours (3-4 sessions) on average at our shop that included two hours of environmental education designed to enhance their appreciation of the values to be gained from bicycling and recycling old bicycle parts and components. An additional thirty-six (36) youth participants attended three classes at Bayview Community Center that included activities focused on exposing them to the fundamental value of protecting our natural environment. All of the students completed the last class with the selection of their bicycles and gear.

All project participants earned refurbished bikes; new helmets and locks; City of Madison bicycle owner permits. Erik Platt, Mark Evans, and Gail Pizarro, Wheels for Winners board members, provided instruction. Four graduate students enrolled in the University of Wisconsin Physical Therapy program assisted with instruction at the Bayview Center. Photographs of the participants are being transmitted with this report. Parent release forms were obtained for the photos to enable our organization and yours to use these photographs in the media.

2011 Report

Thank you for your generous support of Wheels for Winners. Your gift continues to be publicized on our website and on all printed materials that we distribute to schools, community organizations, and at various fund raising events. I am pleased to inform you that the Wheels for Winners project funded by the Dane County Environmental Council has successfully promoted and advanced the recycling of metal and plastic bicycle parts, the use of bicycles in Dane County, and youth service learning.

Four University of Wisconsin graduate students enrolled in the Physical Therapy program worked with 17 elementary school youth at the Allied Drive Learning Center, two staff members at Bayview Community Center worked with 20 youth, and three staff members at the Goodman Community Center worked with 11 children helping them complete their 15 hours of community service through recycling efforts. The children in the Allied Drive program collected bottles and cans in their neighborhood for recycling and the children at the Goodman Center recycled garbage and also stripped old bicycles of their parts for recycling to prepare the bikes for refurbishing efforts by our staff of volunteer mechanics. As a result all of the children earned bicycles, new helmets and bike locks, and bike trail permits.

As proposed, funding from the Dane County Environmental Council was used to purchase brake cables, brake pads, light reflectors, hand grips, tire tubes, and various cleaning supplies. I am attaching some photos to this report as required. All of the children's parents and guardians have signed the necessary permission documents allowing photos to be used for publicity purposes.

Gail Pizarro
Wheels for Winners Board Member and Board Secretary
229 S. Fair Oaks Ave
Madison, WI 53704
E-mail: pizarrog@charter.net
Phone: (608) 270-0974

2010 Report

Program Interface: Adult Wheels for Winners volunteer mechanics worked with 4 youth volunteers, 2 high school and 2 middle school students, and 4 doctoral students in the Physical Therapy ("PT") program at UW-Madison repairing and refurbishing bicycles and mentoring new potential youth bike earners. Project activities took place in the Wheels for Winners Shop and at the Allied Drive Learning Center.

Metal Bike Parts Recycled: Four youth participants recycled metal bike parts and components working in the shop after school on Monday and Wednesday afternoons or on Tuesday and Thursday evenings during regular open shop hours. They also learned new bike repair skills enabling them to assist in the preparation of 100 bicycles for distribution to needy Dane County youth bike earners.

Highlighting Bike Recipients: PT students and other adult volunteers worked with 15 middle school age youth to fulfill their community service goals. Every child spent a minimum of 15 hours collecting recyclables in the neighborhood surrounding the Allied Drive Learning Center and read books to pre-school age children at the Center. The attached photos are of the participants who benefited from Dane County Environmental Council grant funding and Wheels for Winners programming thereby earning their bicycles and gear in June 2010 and acquiring an enhanced commitment to improving the quality of the community and the environment.

Project Publicity: Wheels for Winners has added the Dane County Environmental Council to our website screen of program sponsors and to poster demonstrations used at various community events. All of the youth and adult volunteers who appear in the attached photos have submitted signed release forms giving Wheels for Winners and any related program or project permission to use their pictures for publicity efforts. Please feel free to use any of the photos at your discretion and as you deem appropriate for the needs of the Council.

Gail Pizarro
Wheels for Winners Board Member and Board Secretary
229 S. Fair Oaks Ave
Madison, WI 53704

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