Village of McFarland

On going restoration efforts at Marsh Woods Conservancy Park was the focus of this project. The area has been under restoration for four years which started with an ecological assessment and management plan. Restoration efforts started shortly after the plan was adopted. The management plan calls for control of invasive species in a very sensitive area along the Lower Mud Lake shoreline. The Village has used both mechanical and physical modes of removal and decided against chemical control do to the sensitive nature of the area being so close to Lower Mud Lake. The environmental benefits to the area through control of invasive plants combined with the introduction of native plants will benefit wildlife and birds in their natural environment. Even though we try to eliminate invasives by burning the marsh land areas on a yearly basis, some woody invasive brush continues to grow. The goal in procuring the Cross-Tech 6600 Brush Wolf is to help control the woody invasive brush growing in the area. The area containing invasives was recently mowed using the Brush Wolf.

With the purchase of the Brush Wolf, the Village will be able to attack and keep on top of the woody invasives growing in this area. The long term goal with the purchase of the Cross-Tech 6600 Brush Wolf will be to mow the woody invasives multiple times during the year and continue to encourage native plant growth.

The Village would like to thank you for the grant which enabled us to procure such a piece of equipment which will help to reduce invasives in our natural conservancies through out the Village. This will not only benefit the residents of McFarland but also the wildlife that inhabit the park land.

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