Town of Westport

This project addresses the maintenance needs of the Jackson Landing/Westshire Conservancy Park in the Town of Westport. This park contains many tall trees that, if not properly trimmed and maintained, could loose branches which would likely fall onto paths and could potentially injure residents enjoying the trails.

The goal of this project is to keep the trails and park areas withing this conservancy safe for public enjoyment. This goal corresponds directly to the Environmental Council’s mission of promoting awareness, conservation, and preservation of the natural resources within the County. This conservancy has been designed to specifically preserve the natural resources in the area while allowing access for residents to enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty and wildlife that thrives there.

By purchasing this telescoping pole saw and additional saw heads the Town maintenance staff is able to trim damaged trees in the conservancy thereby keeping the area safe and accessible as well as facilitating the healthy growth of the vegetation. This year Town staff was able to use the saw to remove multiple tree limbs damaged by storms. This saw will continue to be used for this purpose for many years to come.

The project benefits everyone in the County by facilitating and maintaining save access to this natural area. Residents are able to explore the trails and appreciate nature confident that fallen tree branches will not impact their outing. Maintenance staff also benefit from the purchase of this pole saw because it allows them to properly maintain the area while working in a safe environment. The saw will be kept in the Town maintenance facilities with the rest of the maintenance equipment which will prevent damage to it and allow for many years of continued use.

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