Town of Perry Hauge Historic District Park Field Road - 2009

Work has been completed on the Town of Perry’s new park entry field road. Work was completed at the end of November, 2009. The excavation company completed their portion of the grading work, including cuts and fills, road gravels and compactions. All seeding and erosion control work was completed and approved as satisfactory by Dane County as of November 26, 2009. We are submitting an invoice for the excavation contractor’s portion of the work.

The invoice from the excavation contractor shows work that was for more than our listed unit cost. The original amount of $5600.00 is listed as a line item on the invoice. The additional cost was because the town opted to have the contractor install the new culvert. Upon installation of the new culvert, it was determined that it was the wrong size, so we swapped out a new squash culvert with the contractor to give us the proper culvert size. There was some additional cost for the work to swap out the original culvert.

Due to the lateness in the year, the town will be transferring two excess topsoil piles to another adjacent location on the site in the spring of 2010. The grading scope of the project changed which resulted in extra excavation work by our contractor, but that extra work was balanced by postponing the installation of an additional storm water berm to the spring of 2010. The accumulation and subsequent storage location of onsite topsoil, and the time of year limited our ability to spread those topsoil piles, and then seed and mulch the new area where they are to be spread. The storage location for the topsoil is in the spot where we will install another storm water berm. The extra grading and topsoil stockpiling that was done in lieu of the second stromwater berm was also seeded and mulched.

All seeding, mulching materials, labor and equipment was provided by local residents, and by the town road patrolman. A native seed mix was used on the storm water berm, and adjacent areas to the storm water berm.

We appreciate the opportunity you have given us to work with the Dane County Environmental Council.

Mick Klein Kennedy
Town of Perry Supervisor

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