Town of Middleton

Prescribed Prairie Burning for Goth

In 2013 and 2014, the Town of Middleton was awarded Dane County Environmental Council Community Partners Grants for restoring 1.5 acres of prairie at the Goth Conservancy. After receiving the grants, the Town proceeded with continuing the site preparation process and securing the seed for the prairie planting. The planting, originally scheduled for fall 2013, was completed in May 2014. This is the final report for both grants.

Grant accomplishments:

  • burned and applied herbicide to site to prepare area for seeding
  • obtained seed donations from Friends of Pope Farm Conservancy (2 donations) and Dane County Parks of 46 prairie species
  • created seed mix incorporating donated and nursery-sourced species
  • seeded site with over 88 prairie species in May 2014
  • conducted mowing and spot weed management during the 2014 growing season
  • overseeded site with additional 12 species of donated seed in November 2014.

This prairie restoration has a high likelihood of success, since the site underwent over 2 growing seasons of weed management prior to planting, and was planted with a diverse seed mix. As of this writing at least 12 native species have established in the prairie.

View a PDF file of this report.