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Mission: To assist public and private groups in recognizing and protecting natural areas in Dane County; to assume an educational role in the protection of the environment and natural resources; and in general to promote awareness, conservation, and preservation of Dane County's natural resources.

The Dane County Environmental Council assists public and private groups in recognizing and protecting natural resources in Dane County. The Environmental Council operates two competitive grant programs for environmental projects available on a shared cost basis with non-profit organizations and local governments. In addition, the Council partners with local environmental groups to undertake volunteer projects to increase the recreational use of our natural resources. We also hope this site will serve to be a clearinghouse of environmental information in Dane County.

"In Dane County our natural spaces, lakes, and water ways are some of the main reasons people love living here. The Dane County Environmental Council is a great resource that gives the public information they need, and helps to protect all that our home has to offer."

- Quote from Joe Parisi, County Executive

Dane County Environmental Grants

The Dane County Environmental Council announces the 2016 Environmental Grant Program. To learn more about the program and to download an application packet, please see our environmental grants page. See also our new interactive map of projects and browse through project reports.

Grants Overview, 2009-2017

Year Sum awarded* by Environmental Council Grant recipients' matching funds
2017 $17,082.00 (16 grants) $61,177.83
2016 $17,087.00 (16 grants) $64, 848.62
2015 $18,100.00 (20 grants) $78,503.22
2014 $17,852.00 (18 grants) $99,746.00
2013 $18,718.00 (16 grants) $58,247.00
2012 $15,790.00 (15 grants) $69,164.00
2011 $11,797.02 (12 grants) $35,666.27
2010 $12,706.00 (16 grants) $34,459.21
2009 $25,737.00 (20 grants) $81,134.07
Totals: $154,869.02 (149 grants) $582,946.22

* The Council engages in fundraising to supplement its County budget allocation.

For each $1 awarded by the Council, it brought to bear $3.76 in matching funds from recipients.

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