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Garden Demonstration Projects: Water Savings Irrigation and Insect Control Row Covers - 2018

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Lyman’s Woods Restoration Project - 2010

I’d like to thank the Dane County Environmental Council for funding our grant project on restoring Lyman’s Woods, located at the back of the county property at 5201 Fen Oak Drive.

This project has been moving forward slowly since 2004 with volunteer assistance primarily from master gardeners. The woods contains several large, old burr and scarlet oaks, and a number of smaller oak, hackberry and black cherry trees. The goal is to restore the site to a healthy wet savanna/oak woods state, with appropriate native understory plants. The grant funds will be used to purchase native plant plugs, seeds and saplings as well as to create some interpretive signage and trails.

Our budget called for purchase of 32 inch Loppers, Replacement blades for bow saws, Pick-Mattocks and McLeod Rakes, and plastic buckets for dirt removal. All of these items were purchased shortly after the grant was awarded (with the exception of the buckets), and put to use quickly. Trail re-routes and new construction were done in Verona, Cross Plains, "Table Bluff" (north of Cross Plains) and Brooklyn. Large restoration projects were done in numerous places including Verona’s Prairie Moraine County Park, Valley View preserve (just west of Verona), Table Bluff, Indian Lake County Park, Lodi Marsh State Wildlife Area. All of these areas have segments of the Ice Age Trail on the and are open to hikers. The new tools were a great asset to have for ease of use and safety, and benefitted the many volunteers. Several restoration projects were done as part of the United Way “Day of Caring” in late August and included as many as 50 participants.

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