Dane County Humane Society

Thanks to the generous support of the Dane County Environmental Council we have been able to educate 75 youths in the importance of protecting the environment and natural resources of Dane County. Through your support these youths have each constructed and taken home a bird house while also learning about birds and their importance in our natural surroundings.

With your permission, we altered the original project plan in order to use prepackaged, “build your own” bird house kits. These kits were actually less expensive than purchasing raw materials therefor we were able to construct 35 more than the original 40 we planned. This enabled us to use this project with far more children in both our Humane Heroes program and our Girl Scout badge workshops. Additionally the precut kits were much safer and easier for our young participants to use. The kits also allowed for more time to present the positive impact of building birdhouses and protecting our natural environment.

All of the children have raved about how fun a project this was and how much they learned from the presentation by our humane educator. Please find attached a few digital pictures of our Humane Heroes groups from August 2014. These were also included in a Facebook post thanking the Dane County Environmental Council for your incredible support.

We are very grateful to you for having funded this project and very hopeful to continue offering these types of projects for all of our educational programs including Humane Heroes, Girl Scout Badge workshops, and our Camp Pawprint.

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