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Community GroundWorks - Troy Gardens: Pollinator + People Project - 2015

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Community GroundWorks at Troy Gardens - 2008

We are writing to report on the Dane County Environmental Council Grant we received for 2008-2009. We are grateful for your support! This grant allowed us to dramatically increase the safety of our woodland areas at Troy Gardens through the removal of many dead and diseased elms and other hazardous trees. Our longtime partner, Goodland Tree Works, performed the technical work, and our volunteer stewards completed the non-technical work. As part of this grant, Peter Kaseman-Wold of Goodland Tree Works was also able to provide some public education in the areas of tree defects and proper tree planting (see included photos).

As part of this project, we also provided regular service-learning opportunities in the Troy woodlands, serving adult community members, college students, high school students, and adjudicated youth. These opportunities were provided in the form of regular workdays held in our woodlands. Workdays were led by me, as well as an intern, Leah Sorensen. Workdays were also led by volunteer stewards.

Service-learning activities included invasive species removal and trail maintenance. Our main partner groups for these projects were the Monona Grove Alternative School, the Department of Corrections’ SPRITE Program, and the Mendota Mental Health Institute. We established new partnerships through this project as well. Through these opportunities, citizens improved our valuable land resource and gained important skills that will empower them to continue to steward other urban forests.

An unexpected outcome of this project was the increased action by volunteers to work to improve the health of our forests through increasing the age and species diversity of our woodlands. In fact, one active volunteer will be leading a workshop and workday on this topic in June! This project has helped gather momentum and support for the improvement of our important urban forests.

Our main goal of this project was to increase the safety, accessibility and quality of our woodlands in order to establish Troy Gardens as a model land resource site for environmental learning, open to all community members. This grant has been a wonderful success and we are grateful to the Dane County Environmental Council. Thank you!

Christie Ralston
Interim Executive Director
Community GroundWorks at Troy Gardens
3601 Memorial Drive, Suite 4
Madison, WI 53704

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