Friends of Cherokee Marsh Grant Projects

Project Goal: Our goal for this project was to make the signboard at the City of Madison’s Cherokee Marsh Conservation Park’s North Unit more interesting, informative, and useful to park visitors. Our partners included the City of Madison’s Parks Division, a third grade classroom at Madison’s Glendale Elementary School, the UW Land information & Computer Graphics Facility, and the Wisconsin Wetlands Association. The North Unit is located at 6098 N. Sherman Ave., Madison, WI 53704.

We added these materials to the signboard:

  • Updated trail map.
  • Welcome poster created by third graders at Madison’s Glendale Elementary School.
  • Map of public lands and access points in the Cherokee Marsh watershed. We’re also using this map on our portable display for tabling events.
  • Tribute to Bud Jordahl, who was instrumental in establishing the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund, which provided major funding for public land acquisitions in the area.
  • Wetland Gem fact sheet about Cherokee Marsh from the Wisconsin Wetlands Association.
  • Top banner with the park’s name and Madison Parks logo.
  • Updated information about the Friends of Cherokee Marsh.
  • Garlic mustard fact sheet.

The signboard also contains:

  • Historical river maps showing wetland losses at Cherokee Marsh over the last 150 years.
  • Information about Madison’s Conservation Parks.
  • Fact sheet about the public database of bird sightings.
  • Emerald ash borer fact sheet.

Expenses: We used our grant funds to pay the UW Land information & Computer Graphics Facility $450 for digital data preparation, design, layout, and editing of the new area map. All other time and materials were donated or funded by the City of Madison.

We very much appreciate the Dane County Environmental Committee’s making these funds available to us!

Jan Axelson
President, Friends of Cherokee Marsh
P O Box 3390
Madison, WI 53704

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Our grant helped bring 245 students to Cherokee Marsh Conservation Park for naturalist‐led field studies.

Transportation Funding

These are the classes who used the grant money to pay for transportation to the Conservation Park:

  • Lake View School, 12/15/2010, Susan Hobart
  • Grade 4/5, 4 Classes, 78 students, 2 buses
  • Points of Focus: watershed, looked at Yahara River, discussion about river as it flows through Madison and flows into other water systems including ground water and atmosphere. We looked at buds on trees and lots of animal tracks.
  • Mendota School, 3/16/2011, Janice Bartholow
  • Grades 4/5, 4 classes, 85 students, 2 buses
  • Points of Focus: A general look at the Cherokee Marsh, with a focus on marsh information ‐ depth of silt,watershed and animals that live in the Marsh.
  • Allis School, 4/5/2011, Amy Carran
  • Grades 3, 2 classes, 53 students, 1 bus
  • Points of Focus: Wetland values. animals, insects plants in the marsh, pond dipping, general tour of the Marsh.
  • Allis School 5/3/2011, Kathy Ponzer
  • Grade 3, 2 classes, 29 students, 1 bus
  • Points of Focus: General tour, Seasonal changes, pond studies.

Information Cards

As part of the same project, the Friends of Cherokee Marsh donated 10 hours of volunteer time and $226 to design and print 250 information cards to inform teachers about the naturalist‐led field studies in Cherokee Marsh. The Madison Metropolitan School District distributed the information cards to all third‐ and fourth‐grade teachers in the district.

The Friends of Cherokee Marsh thank the Dane County Environmental Committee for providing these funds.

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