Madison Audubon Society's Audubon Adventures - 2009

Madison Audubon Society's Audubon Adventures partnership with Madison School & Community Recreation’s summer Mad (Making A Difference) Camp is in its 2 nd year. MAD Camp is a service camp for middle school students in the Madison area. Over half of these campers are on scholarships. This summer, we expanded our Audubon Adventures aspect of the curriculum to include campers from both the east and west side of Madison. Two mornings a week, for six weeks, each of these 40 energetic teens engaged in all three aspects of Madison Audubon Society’s mission, learning about the natural world, engaging in advocacy projects, and working to protect and restore natural habitat in the greater Madison Area.

Some of the projects we completed included testing Lake Mendota's water quality, Pheasant Branch stream bio-monitoring, prairie seed collecting, service activities at Holy Wisdom Monastery in Middleton, WI, and the Aldo Leopold Center in Monona, WI, and garbage collection around their schools (Cherokee Middle School and Georgia O’Keefe Middle School).

We are grateful for the competent and creative leadership provided by Amanda Lederer, lead environmental educator for MAD Camp this summer, (and Biology Lecturer at UW-Platteville) and her team of dedicated interns-Kevin Riggle, Kristi McGrinley, and Katie Wipfli. Jennifer Schehr, Naturalist at Aldo Leopold Center, and Nancy Hylbert, former teacher and chair of MAS Ed. Committee, assisted ith curriculum planning.

Amanda Lederer
Biology Department

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