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Environmental Council

Apply for a Grant

The 2021 Grant Program is being reviewed. Please check back in late March for an update on the proposed timeline. Thank you.

You are strongly encouraged to discuss your project and proposal with the commission staff before a grant deadline. By doing so, you may help reduce the chance of making technical errors or omitting critical information from your request. It is also an opportunity to learn about possible changes in the commission's grant policies, the application process, and available funds. Our staff is your advocate and advisor, ready to lend a helping hand.

Carefully consider the commission's application dates in order to match your proposed project with the appropriate grant competition. If you are uncertain when to apply, contact our office for assistance.

Develop an organized, fully developed narrative that explains what you are proposing to do and how you plan to do it. Most requests suffer from too little detail rather than too much.

If your proposal is easy to understand, it will be easier to approve for funding. Describe your activity in a simple, straight-forward style.

Successful proposals are ones that clearly articulate the desired results that the project will have on the environment and the participants.

Letters of support are an important part of a grant request. Make the effort to enclose several letters from the community which endorses the merits of the proposed activity or which speak to the credentials of the participating artists and the quality of their work. Let others help you tell us how special your project is.

Our panelists are smart, savvy, and fair-minded, but they are developing weak backs. Don't overload your proposal with mountains of unnecessary or poorly reproduced materials.

If you have questions about the grant application and review process, please contact Carrie Edgar, Dane County Extension Director at