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Environmental Council

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The Dane County Environmental Council no longer exisits. 

We appreciate the many members who have contributed to the successes of the Environmental Council over the years. Additionally, much gratitude goes to the organizations and volunteers who have led many projects and programs to protect and enhance the natural resources in Dane County. This work will continue, even in the absence of the Enivronmental Council, through Dane County Extension and the Dane County Land & Water Resources Department.

Over the years, many projects and programs have been supported through the Environmental Council's Grant Program. This grant program will continue and it will be managed through Dane County Parks 

The 2023 grant period will open February 1 and will have an initial review on March 15, 2023. After the first deadline has passed, if there is still funding available, applications will continue to be accepted and will be reviewed as they are received. Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis through 2023 as funding allows. Learn more and apply here


Please contact Michelle Probst  for any questions related to the future of the grant program.