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The 2021 Grant Program will open for applications in June 2021. Please check back later for updates. Thank you.

The Council awards grants every year to a broad and diverse field of Dane County nonprofit community organizations, school districts, and municipalities for environmental initiatives. Grants ranging from $250 to $2,500 are available for conservation projects that enhance Dane County's natural resources and benefit Dane County residents.

Environmental Grants are awarded in two categories:

  • The Capital Grant Program will provide funding to assist with equipment purchase, rental, or lease; construction of conservation measures; or maintenance of previously constructed conservation measures that improve, protect, and enhance land and water resources in Dane County.
  • The Community Partners Program provides funding for small projects that promote environmental education, conservation, and restoration.

Discussing your grant application before submitting it is an opportunity to learn about possible improvements to your application.

The best advice from past grant recipients is to develop an organized, clear and concise narrative that explains what you are proposing to do and how you plan to do it. Most requests suffer from too little detail rather than too much. If your proposal is easy to understand, it will be easier to approve for funding. Describe your activity in a simple, straight-forward style.

Please ensure you include each of the required elements, and if you have a question about what needs to be provided, please check with the Dane County Environmental Council. Well-written grants are often funded, and we encourage any interested groups to apply.

Since 2007, the Council's grant program has been funded through carefully forged, public-private partnerships. Program donors are Dane County individuals and businesses that believe in the Dane County Environmental Council's mission.