Friends of Cam Rock Park

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The Friends of Cam-Rock Park wish to promote awareness and preservation of water quality in Dane County. The Friends group incorporated in 2000, and formed a water monitoring team working with Rock River Coalition (RRC) and Wisconsin Water Action Volunteers (WAV) in 2001. Improving accuracy and advocacy for the creek monitoring projects has been a major goal, as there are 5 sewage treatment plants located along the creek in Dane County.

Plan and Objectives: The Cam-Rock Park monitoring team wishes to work with an upper Koshkonong Creek team taking samples of phosphorus for 5 months, send the samples to the Wis. Hygiene Lab. in Madison, and add the data to the WAV data base and share all findings with other groups working on phosphorus projects within Dane County.

Time Frame and Location: Location will be at two sites on Koshkonong Creek: Upper will be in rural Cottage Grove and Lower at the former mill site in Rockdale.

Sustained Benefits and Sustainablility:The Cam-Rock monitoring team will communicate phosphorus finding with other water groups who are currently working to improve water quality, restore impaired waters, and learn more about Total Maximum Daily Loads within the watershed and all of Dane County into the future. The team also wishes to become more useful to scientists.

Evaluation: All data will be sent to WAV by Nov. 1, 2014, and shared with other county groups by Nov. 30, 2014. Plus 3-5 digital photos and a l-page final report will be sent electronically to Mindy Habecker by Nov. 30, 2014.

Key Personnel: Suzanne Wade is the team leader of Upper Creek monitoring and she has been the Rock River Basin Educator, with U.W. Extension and RRC for decades. Don Nettum is team leader for Lower Creek monitoring plus Becky Schettler-Peterson, and Janice Redford have been team members for 13-years (with WAY monitoring and working on special projects: crayfish count, native mussel restoration, and e-Coli.)

View a PDF file of this report.