Dane County Environmental Council 2015 Awarded Grants

Community Partner Grant Program 2015

  • Black Earth Creek Watershed Association ($820) - Funds will be used to provide new signage for the Black Earth Creek Watershed boundaries.
  • Catholic Multicultural Center ($410) - Funds will be used to help provide a community environmental education workshop and stream clean-up and rain garden supplies.
  • Community GroundWorks ($997) - Funds will be used to hold a Troy Gardens pollinator and people project. Monies will be spent on seed mixes and project signage. Educational workshops and youth programming will be centered on this project.
  • Friends of Pope Farm Conservancy ($527) - Funds will be used to buy pruning shears and weeding shovels for student training in prairie management at the Pope Farm Conservancy within the Town of Middleton. Working with Middleton High School, students will get credits as independent study in prairie ecology through this program.
  • Friends of Silverwood Park ($664) - Funds will be used to purchase sustainable agriculture teaching kits for Dane County’s newest park in the Town of Albion. These kits will be used for both day programs with youth at the park and for a 3 week summer school program in association with the Edgerton School District.
  • Madison Audubon Society ($500) - Funds will provide the rented equipment needed to host a summer Trails Festival on National Trails Day, June 6, 2015. The festival will include expert guided nature hikes, hands-on activity stations, and other interactive venues along th Capital City Bike Trail.
  • Madison Children’s Museum ($1,000) - Funds will be used for purchasing supplies and equipment needed to enlarge the capacity of a Rooftop Ramble on entomophagy (insect eating). This very popular program will be expanded with terrariums and associated equipment to raise insects for their monthly Bug Buffet to learn how insects are a sustainable source of protein, healthy fats and minerals.
  • Village of DeForest ($1,000) - Funds will be used for professional services used to restore the Chapel Green Corridor oak opening in removing invasive species.
  • Madison West High School ($957) - Funds will be used for purchasing equipment for the Madison West High School advanced placement environmental sciences classes for testing local water and air quality.
  • Village of Shorewood Hills ($1,000) - Funds will be used to provide educational signage for the bio-infiltration area in Shorewood Hills near the elementary school.
  • Yahara Pride Farms ($225) - Funds will be used for rental equipment needed and an invitation mailing for Ag Innovation Days, a farmer-led field demonstration of new conservation technologies and manure management methods for other area farmers.

Total amount awarded for the Community Partners grants: $8,100

2015 Capital Equipment Grant Program

  • Aldo Leopold Nature Center ($890) - Funds will assist in purchasing wheelbarrows, helmets and a flammable liquid safety cabinet to assist adult volunteers and youth in projects to restore native habitat at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center.
  • City of Sun Prairie ($253) - Funds will be used to purchase a pole pruner for assisting with maintaining and improving drainage ways within their 900 acres of environmental open space corridors of the City of Sun Prairie
  • Clean Lakes Alliance of Dane County ($1,250) - Funds will be used to purchase pruning saws, loppers and hand trowels for use by volunteers for CLA’s Renew the Blue “Volunteer Days” events to protect water quality in Dane County.
  • Community GroundWorks ($1,618) - Funds will be used for a project called Greening Troy Gardens to purchase an electric string trimmer and electric lawn mower plus a solar panel and rechargeable battery for this equipment. A workshop on the Green Equipment and data will be collected on this project environmental impacts.
  • Friends of Donald Park ($1,556) - Funds will be used to purchase a gear-driven rotary tiller to recondition eroded, rough trails within the park.
  • Natural Heritage Land Trust ($500) - Funds will be used to purchase frames for interpretive signs at Patrick Marsh.
  • Southern Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited ($1,500) - Funds will be used to purchase a portable gas-powered capstan winch to use to remove trees and other heavy debris from Dane County streams during their workdays.
  • Swamplovers Foundation ($1,400) - Funds will be used to purchase professional services to plant and care for native shrubs within a restored oak savanna at the Swamplovers Nature Preserve in the Town of Berry.
  • Upper Sugar River Watershed Association ($1,033) - Funds will be used to purchase a trimmer/mower for maintaining points of public accessibility to the Sugar River and to prevent future trees from growing and promote native grasses to control the river banks.

Total amount awarded for the Capital Equipment grants: $10,000