Dane County Environmental Council 2012 Awarded Grants

2012 Community Partner Grant Program

Community Partner Grant Program: The Council received a total of 17 applications for grants totaling $15,790 in requested funding for the Community Partners grant program.

  • Friends of Badfish Creek Watershed ($176) - Funds will be used to develop and print brochures to education local government officials and others on the watershed’s natural attractions and ideas for how to enhance them. The Badfish watershed is now a county designated Natural Resource Area.
  • Girl Scouts of Wisconsin – Badgerland Council ($836) - Funds will be used to purchase the materials to create a letterboxing adventure for the Camp Brandenburg property in Dane County. Letterboxing is a highlighted outdoor activity within the Girl Scout Leadership Experience program curriculum that teaches skills such as map reading, using a compass, and puzzle solving.
  • Madison Children’s Museum ($588) - Funds will assist in purchasing equipment to help create a Rooftop Ramble alternative energy educational program on solar ovens that include hands-on cooking demonstrations to museum visitors and school groups to show the power of the sun as a sustainable energy source.
  • Marshall Lions Club ($800) - Funds will be used for purchasing native plant plugs for shoreline restoration along the Maunesha River within the Marshall Lion’s Park site near the downtown area. The park is highly visible from passing motorists on Hubbell Street and by watercraft on the Maunesha River.
  • Marshall Parks & Recreation Department ($990) - Funds will be used for planning and purchasing plants for a wetland restoration in Converse Park, the most widely used park in Marshall. This severely degraded wetland meanders near a walking and biking trail that connects the park to local subdivisions, the library and other parks. The restoration will be highly visible in the community.
  • The Natural Step Monona: Green Tuesdays & Thursdays Films and Lecture Series ($500) - Funds will purchase environmental films on aspects of sustainability. These films will be shown in multiple Dane County communities including Cottage Grove, Cross Plains, Fitchburg, Madison (3 locations), Middleton, Mount Horeb, Oregon, Edgewood College, and Monona for a (Green Tuesday (Wednesday or Thursday): Films and Lectures on Sustainability educational series. Each of these communities will be augmenting their community program with other events and offerings. The films will then be housed in the Monona Public Library where others can borrow them in the South Central Wisconsin Library System.
  • Swamplovers Foundation Inc. ($600) - Funds will be used for reducing the abundance and spread of invasive shrubs such as buckthorn along the Ice Age Trail, Table Bluff segment.
  • Village of DeForest Park, Recreation & Natural Resources Department ($1,000) - Funds will be used to provide two interpretative signs along the upper Yahara River along the newly constructed Upper Yahara trail that is 3 miles in length and crosses through 7 different natural communities. The content will focus on the Yahara River floodplain and its wetland and sedge meadow ecology, and local birds and their habitats.
  • Wheels for Winners ($300) - Funds will be used for providing instructor stipends for environmental workshops, meetings, and day-long recycling projects with youth at three community centers. Participating youth (about 45) in the program will earn refurbished bicycles and new biking gear.

Total amount awarded for the 9 Community Partners grants: $5,790

2012 Capital Equipment Grant Program

Capital Equipment Grant Program Applications: The Council received a total of 12 applications for grants requested a total of $24,989.68 funding for the Capital Equipment grant program.

  • Aldo Leopold Nature Center ($1,100) - Funds will assist in purchasing equipment to assist in removing invasive species and conduct annual prairie burns in continuation of restoration efforts of local ecosystems at the Monona Campus that has about 38,000 visitors each year.
  • Friends of Capital Springs Recreation Area, Inc. ($1,700) - Funds will be used to purchase a field and brush mower to maintain the trails and prairies and to clear invasive species within the Capital Springs Recreation Area. This will allow for better public access through the trails and create a more beautiful natural landscape.
  • Friends of Donald Park ($584) - Funds will be used to purchase a pole saw chain saw to assist the natural area volunteers in the weekly maintenance of the park’s trails including the equestrian trails to remove hanging branches that pose a safety threat to those using the trails.
  • Friends of Donald Park ($2,000) - Funds will be used to purchase a riding mower for use by the natural area volunteers to improve their ability to meet the growing responsibilities related to maintaining hiking trails, other trails, an apple orchard, and other areas of the park for public use and enjoyment.
  • Friends of Pheasant Branch Conservancy Inc. ($158) - Funds will be used to purchase rakes for assisting with prairie burns and natural land maintenance.
  • Ice Age Trail Alliance ($1,758) - Funds will be used to purchase a chainsaw and handsaws and related equipment to allow for land stewardship and trail development work in the Springfield Hill area of the trail and other area.
  • Upper Sugar River Watershed Association ($1,200) - Funds will be used to purchase canoes to allow more volunteers to assist with hands-on conservation projects along the river. The Association will be leading over 25 river trail community work days over the next two summers. These work days will focus on removing downed trees that cause erosion, seeding eroded stream banks with native grasses to hold soil in place and educating about stopping invasive aquatic species.
  • Village of Mount Horeb ($1,500) - Funds will be used to contract for professional services to do forestry mowing of the invasive species buckthorn in a recently acquired 26 acre conservation park. This is the first step in restoring the native prairie, oak savanna and hardwood ecosystems an area of the park that has a high density of invasive species.

Total amount awarded for 8 the Capital Equipment grants: $10,000