Capital Equipment Grant Program - awards of up to $5000 for purchasing equipment to be used in conservation and restoration projects
  • Ice Age Park and Trail Foundation, Inc ($3,989) - Funds will provide equipment for building and maintaining Dane County portions of the Ice Age Trail.
  • Aldo Leopold Nature Center ($1,480) - Funding for restoration of an oak savanna and enlargement of a trail system at the Center's Black Earth campus.
  • The Prairie Enthusiasts ($4,990) - Funds will provide communication equipment for conducting safe and efficient prescribed burns and equipment for brush control on 21 Dane County grassland and savanna sites that are accessible by the public.
  • Friends of the Brooklyn State Wildlife Area ($1,210) - Funds will provide equipment for the removal of invasive shrubs from around Heritage Oak trees in the Brooklyn State Wildlife Area.
  • Capitol Water Trails LTD ($3,200) – Funding for signage and other equipment that volunteers will use to enhance water trails in Dane County.
  • Middleton High School Environmental Studies Classes ($1,246) – Students will work with UW-Extension and the Bruce Company to design and install a native plant garden at the LEED silver certified Rosemary Garfoot Library in Cross Plains, Wisconsin.
  • Environmentally Concerned Oregon Students ($1,426) - Funds will be used to purchase the equipment for students to conduct an ongoing assessment of the water quality in watersheds near the Oregon School District.
  • Friends of Troy Gardens ($4,500) - Funds will be used to remove hazardous trees and improve public accessibility to 26 acres of urban woodlands at Troy Gardens.
  • Town of Berry, Dane County ($2,959) – The town will work with the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association to construct a wetlands and prairie conservancy along the bank of Halfway Creek adjacent to the Town of Berry Town Hall.
Community Partners Grant Program - awards of up to $1,000 for education and small restoration projects.
  • Ice Age Park and Trail Foundation, Inc ($764) - Funds will provide display materials for promoting the Ice Age Trail and special glacial features in the area.
  • Friends of Badfish Creek Watershed ($350) - Funds will be used by this new organization to promote the features of the watershed and encourage local residents to become involved in the group's activities.
  • Aldo Leopold Nature Center ($500) - Funds will support an environmental education project to engage approximately 6,885 students in south-central Wisconsin. Students will learn about and remove invasive species from targeted areas at the Center's Black Earth Campus.
  • Friends of Cam-Rock Park, Inc. ($365) - Funds will provide for educational supplies for Koshkonong Creek Day on June 14, 2008. Funds will also be used for water quality monitoring conducted by the Friends of Cam-Rock Park.
  • The Natural Step Monona ($300) - Funds will be used to purchase movies to be shown as part of The Natural Step Monona's Green Tuesday: Films and Lectures on Sustainability educational series. These films will then housed in the Monona Public Library and available throughout the South Central Wisconsin Library System.
  • Glacial Drumlin School ($300) - Funds will help purchase seed for installing a 75,000 square foot prairie surrounding a storm water retention pond at the new Glacial Drumlin School in Cottage Grove. This prairie will then be used for environmental education with the students.
  • Madison Central Montessori School ($200) - Funds will be used to purchase plants for a new rain garden at the school. This is part of their Science Education Initiative for middle school students.